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For most people who have daily jobs, it is difficult to trade forex in office time. Thanks for the smart phones, we can trade with phones. I am using iPhone, I can only find two companies who has forex apllication for iphone traders. I don't choose oanda, because I had bad time when I fund my acount the first time. It took forever and nobody follow up with my complains. Also its small leverage and crazy pips spead during news time is nightmare for traders.

The other one is quite good and provide tight pips spread and a lot of services. My friends strongly recommend me use it and until now I am quite happy! It is your choice for this best iphone forex broker! They are pleased to offer you a choice of 3 different spread options: ECN Premier, Variable and Fixed spreads. You can choose the one suits your need.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How did I start trading Forex?

A lot of FX beginners asked me how I started my trading. This let me get back to years ago when I moved to Singapore.

At beginning, Forex tradings were mostly provided in English. At that moment my English is only at beginner's level. So I must learn English first in Singapore and I joined an Adult English Course:

Thanks to the devoted teacher, I improved my English very quickly.

After this, I learned some forex courses. Then I signed up with a Forex broker and get free S$30 real dollars to trade. It is real money not demo account. So I trade forex with real emotions. Most other students only trade with demo account. So they don't have the real pressure. But when they use their own money, then they will really forget their strategies and lose money.

So I highly recommend trade with real money received when you sign up. You should sign up now before the broker cancelled this bonus:

So I practiced and practiced and set up my own strategy and made a living by trading forex.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The World MoneyShow Orlando From Our Advertiser

Top Experts Guide You to Safety, Income, and Portfolio Profits
  The continuing global market crisis is forcing investors and traders to take more personal control of their portfolios. Some have protected or even grown their portfolios in these challenging market conditions. The difference between those who have triumphed and those who have not is simple–knowledge. Receiving insight and knowledge about the markets garnered from both education and experience is paramount to the success of every investor and trader. That is why you can't miss this year's World MoneyShow Orlando, February 9-12, at the Gaylord Palms Resort!

As the most important investor gathering in 2012, this event will be your one-stop resource for the most comprehensive education, efficient research, and valuable advice that will lead you to a profit-packed 2012!
  The Economy, Markets, & Politics
Politics will drive markets in 2012 more than ever—learn what you, the investor, needs to know.
Steve Forbes Gary Shilling James Stack
Steve Forbes Gary Shilling James Stack
  Stocks—Domestic and Global Outlook
Slow growth in developed and developing economies make the first half of 2012 tricky—discover which stocks will offer the best opportunities.
Louis Navellier Jim Jubak Danielle Park
Louis Navellier Jim Jubak Danielle Park
  Income Investing
Difficult but not impossible in the current market environment—discover strategies and tactics for asset protection and high yields.
Marilyn Cohen Richard Band Kelley Wright
Marilyn Cohen Richard Band Kelley Wright
  ETFs and Funds
Build diversified portfolios that pinpoint sector, size, and style, or target goals such as value, growth, or income.
Jack Ablin Jim Trippon Stephen McKee
Jack Ablin Jim Trippon Stephen McKee
  Gold & Other Precious Metals
Central banks are buying gold in a big way—discover what this means for you, the investor.
Mary Anne & Pamela Aden Adrian Day David McAlvany
Mary Anne &
Pamela Aden
Adrian Day David McAlvany
  Strategies and Technical Analysis
Relative performance analysis can help the investor identify the top stocks and sectors before they are headlines on CNBC.
Gregory Morris Thomas Key Buff Dormeier
Gregory Morris Thomas Kee, Jr. Buff Dormeier
Factors that move currencies include macro, micro, and monetary policy and others that are crucial in determining when and what to trade in the forex market.
Toni Hansen Bob Christy Kathy Lien
Toni Hansen Robert Christy Kathy Lien
  Options & Futures
Hedge your portfolio during these volatile times with these versatile risk management tools.
Bart DiLiddo Tom Busby Tom Sosnoff
Bart DiLiddo Tom Busby Tom Sosnoff
  2 Ways to Complete Your Registration
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  Call 800/970-4355
  Mention Priority Code 025673
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  Exhibit Hall
  Receive experts' top stock picks and predictions firsthand
  Gain market insights
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  Create a plan for profit and safety armed with knowledge you receive at the Show
  Meet thousands of savvy investors, like yourself, and find out what's working (or not working) for them
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  Big Economic Reform Coming a lá the Flat Tax

  Crisis Investing—Making Sense of Today's Extremes

  Put-Option Selling—Get Paid to Buy Your Favorite Stock

  2012: Not Your Typical Election Year

  Earn Lifetime Income with Bond ETFs

  The Boom in Resources: Is it Over or Still Time to Buy?

  Are You Using the Correct Risk in Managing Your Money?

  Long-Term Trends: Is it Risk On or Risk Off?

  10 Best Ways to Make Money in Stocks

  Battle Tested Forex Trading Strategies

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